Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) is currently preparing a strategy for the development of nuclear power plants in Indonesia.

“One that can also provide a very stable supply of electricity, which can then have a fairly long life, is nuclear energy,” Deputy for Development Policy at BRIN,l Mego Pinandito said here on Monday.

The government has discussed nuclear technology as one of the sources of new and renewable energy, he noted.

According to him, currently, his side is preparing all the necessary things such as human resources, technological capabilities, and zoning for nuclear energy development.

“We hope to get the best technologies, with the lowest risk, that are effective and efficient, to be implemented in Indonesia with the characteristics of Indonesia as an archipelagic country, then the characteristics of the seasons and others,” he said.

In addition, the involvement of foreign parties is very much needed in the development of nuclear power in Indonesia. The agency is awaiting policies that could encourage this, he added.

Pinandito said that Indonesia, as the fifth largest country in the world, needs nuclear power plants to meet its huge electricity needs.

Apart from being capable of supplying electricity in large amounts, nuclear power plants are also considered to be more environmentally friendly.

“Almost very little air pollution or gas emissions are produced (by nuclear power plants), very little,” he pointed out.